KAERA is an organization of Korean-American and Korean educational researchers to contribute to the advancement of knowledge, scholarship and practice in education.

2018 KAERA Annual Meeting Registration is now open! 

2018 KAERA Annual Meeting Page

Important Dates for KAERA 2018

Abstract submission opens                                  November 1, 2017

Abstract submission deadline                              December 15, 2017

Acceptance of abstracts                                         January 15, 2018

Online registration                                            February 1 – April 1, 2018

Conference program available online      March 1, 2018

Final paper submission                                          March 15, 2018

Conference and Reception                                     April 13, 2018

Join the fundraiser campaign for KAERA scholarship program to support young scholars!


The KAERA scholarship program supports graduate students’ and junior scholars’ scholarly activities by funding their conference travel expenses. To date, 32 KAERA graduate students and young scholars have benefitted from the K-AERA scholarship program so that they can have various opportunities to present research papers, network with other scholars, and receive mentoring.


We encourage professional scholars and faculty to generously contribute to the KAERA scholarship fund. Your donation will be exclusively used for supporting graduate students and junior scholars as part of the KAERA scholarship program; it will be not used for other KAERA operational/management costs. All contributors will be recognized (unless otherwise requested by the contributor) when the scholarships are given to recipients.

With KAERA being a 501(C)3 organization, all donation to KAERA is now tax deductible when donors report their income taxes in the US.

Contributors in 2017 as of 04/07

권경빈, 김도홍, 김동빈, 김동준, 김미경, 김석우, 김석호, 김성준,               김양분, 김종필, 류지훈, 박선숙, 백병부, 백은옥,  봉미미, 서홍욱,            성기선, 윤광석,  이규민, 이규성, 이수현, 이영진, 이원찬, 이윤희,           이은민, 이재경, 이정우, 이준원, 이찬순, 이한복, 이혜진, 임두헌,             임은영, 임재훈, Simon Kim, 장봉기, 정현주, 조석희,  조영범, 천종필,       최재화, 한경택, 허정원