Mission and Goals

KAERA aims to support Korean-American and Korean researchers to advance
knowledge in education. By encouraging the use of research for scholarly inquiry among our members, KAERA seeks to offer timely implications for education practice and to serve the public purpose of education for more equitable society. All members are  encouraged to join KAERA without financial burden on membership fees. The major goals of the Association are as follows:

  • Establish an educational researcher’s hub for those who are interested in and committed to improving education for all students in the national, international, and  global communities through advancing scientific research in education and its  practical application.
  • Create opportunities for and nurture the environment of scholarly discourse, production, and collaboration among the members to advance scientific research and discovery in education.
  • Support professional learning and growth opportunities
  • Nurture and support the next generations of Korean-American educational researchers

Since its establishment as a professional organization in 2008, KAERA has been making significant contributions to the field of educational research by

  • Hosting annual conferences on wide variety of topics in broadly defined education
  • Providing workshops to professionals and students. Topics include preparing for career, writing grants, publishing research in peer reviewed journals.
  • Publishing periodic publications, entitled Research Forum covering a wide range of topical issues in education (Four issues have been published and one issue is currently in the process of publication)
  • Disseminating current and updated information about the organization and its members’ accomplishments in Spring and Fall newsletters
  • Providing scholarships to junior scholars and graduate students (for five years, more than 30 promising scholars and students are honored to receive the scholarships)
  • Maintaining the organization’s Facebook and Blog as a way to communicate, not only among members but also with general audience and public who are interested in Korean and Korean-American education issues.
  • Organizing cooperative projects such as conducting research and publishing books (e.g., Educational Measurement 5th edition published in Korean (NCME & ACE, 2006)

KAREA has been a gateway of educational researchers contributing to the field of education, advancing the knowledge, and cultivating our culture of sharing and paying it forward. Please join us as an active member or a sponsor today!