Executive Officers (2017-2018)

KAERA 2017-18 Executive Officers


Soo-yong Byun

  • Affiliation: The Pennsylvania State University
  • AERA Division
    • G: Social Context of Education
    • SIGs: Sociology of Education, Rural Education

Soo-yong Byun (szb14@psu.edu) is an associate professor of Educational Theory and Policy in the Department of Education Policy State at Penn State. His research investigates variations in mechanisms and processes of social stratification across different countries and geographic contexts using large-scale national and international data. His work also focuses on the rigorous assessment and evaluation of educational policies and school interventions especially relating to unique populations and contexts (e.g., socioeconomically disadvantaged students, and rural students).


Vice President

Eun-ok Baek

  • Affiliation: California State University, San Bernardino
  • AERA Division
    • C: Learning and Instruction
    • SIGs: Instructional Technology

Eun-Ok Baek (EBaek@csusb.edu) is a Professor of the College of Education at California State University, San Bernardino. She served as the Communication Director (2013 – 2015) and is serving as the Secretary of Board of Directors (2016 – present) for Korean-American Educational Researchers Association (KAERA). Her research interests include exploring what technology can do for the support of learning and performance, and specifically, the designing of online learning communities, technology integration in education, and the exploration of social-cultural understandings of the adoption of technology.


General Administrator

Do-Hong Kim

  • Affiliation: Augusta University
  • AERA Division
    • D: Measurement and Research Methodology

Do-Hong Kim (dkim3@augusta.edu) is a professor of Educational Research at Augusta University. Her research interests include the application of psychometric and quantitative methods to issues in educational and psychological assessment. One area of measurement in which she is especially interested is that of assessment of special populations.



Ji Hoon Ryoo

  • Affiliation: University of Virginia
  • AERA Division
    • D: Measurement and Research Methodology

Ji Hoon Ryoo (jr3gv@virginia.edu) is an assistant professor of Research, Statistics, and Evaluation, University of Virginia. He is primarily interested in improving current quantitative methods and implementing new applications to facilitate the answering of substantive research questions in social and behavior sciences. Specifically, his main area of expertise lies in statistical modeling in longitudinal and multilevel data analyses and latent variable modeling. Content-specific areas he has worked on include mathematics/science education, school climate/partnerships, and school bullying/victimization in middle and high school settings.


Communications Director

Youn-Jeng Choi

  • Affiliation: The University of Alabama
  • AERA Division
    • D: Measurement and Research Methodology
    • National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME)

Youn-Jeng Choi (ychoi26@ua.edu) is an assistant professor of Measurement and Evaluation at the University of Alabama. Her research involves examining methodological issues in educational measurement primarily with respect to applications in test design and development. Specifically, her research topics include multilevel analysis, latent variable modeling, differential item functioning, equating/linking, and parameter estimation methods in item response theory.



Insook Han

  • Affiliation: Temple University
  • AERA Division
    • C: Learning and Instruction
    • SIG: Learning Sciences

Insook Han (insook.han@temple.edu) is an assistant professor of Teaching and Learning and a program coordinator of Instructional Learning Technology at Temple University. Her primary research interest includes design, development, and implementation of emerging technologies with the theoretical framework of embodied cognition for improving students’ learning in STEM areas. Her work specifically focuses on virtual reality and mobile applications for instructional embodiment and also investigates technology integration in classrooms.


Student Representative

Youngjun Lee

  • Affiliation: Michigan State University
  • AERA Division
    • D: Measurement and Research Methodology

Youngjun Lee (leeyou59@msu.edu) is a Ph.D. student in Measurement and Quantitative Methods (MQM) at Michigan State University. His current research interests include matrix sampling in large-scale assessment for group-scored comparative study, multiple group analysis for scaling, linking, and measurement invariance using item response theory and structural equation modeling.