2012 KAERA Annual Meeting

KAERA 2nd Annual Conference
Vancouver, Canada


As part of the annual conference, Korean-American Educational Researchers Association
(KAERA) hosted the workshop and panel discussions during the week of the 2012 AERA
meeting in Vancouver, Canada. The workshop consisted of a roundtable session led by three researchers who were selected to present their research during concurrently occurring and topically organized discussions. Roundtable session presenters include Jungin Kim (University of Colorado, Denver), Kawngjong Park (University of New Mexico), Seonsook Park (New Mexico Highlands University), and Eunjin Hwang (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale).

These roundtable discussions were followed by three panel discussions on critical issues relevant to graduate students, researchers, and junior faculty members. Panelists include Taewan Kim (President of Korean Education Development Institute), Jenny J. Lee (Associate professor, University of Arizona), Kyunghwa Lee (Associate professor, University of Georgia), Jaekyung Lee (Professor, SUNY Buffalo), Jihyun Kim (Doctoral Student, University of Maryland), Simon Kim (Professor, California State University, Long Beach), Soojin Oh (Doctoral Student, Harvard University), Grace Cho (Professor, California State University, Fullerton), Kwangsuk Yoon (Principal Research Scientist, AIR), Jaehoon Lim (Associate professor, University of North Carolina, Charlotte), and Namhwa Kang (Associate professor, Korea National University of Education).

We had a broad representation of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, education researchers, junior and senior faculty members in attendance. KAERA believes that the conference/workshop session helped promote interdisciplinary conversations among Korean/Korean American researchers representing a wide range of backgrounds, institutions, and disciplines in the field of education. With this, KAERA aspires to build a strong community of Korean/Korean American education researchers and make a significant contribution to the field of education.
Business Meeting

The Korean-American Educational Researchers Association (KAERA) held the annual Business Meeting (Sunday, April 15, 2012 7PM-10PM) at the Vancouver convention Center, Room 202- 203 during the week of the 2012 AERA convention. The business meeting began with an introductory welcome remark by Dr. Won-Chan Lee (University of Iowa, KAERA incoming President for 2012-2013) followed by an invited speech by Dr. Taewan Kim, President of Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI), and a presidential address by Dr. Mikyung Minsun Kim (George Washing ton University, KAERA outgoing president). During the meeting, the KAERA’s executive team shared a business report for the past academic year of 2011-2012 and presented six graduate student travel awards and six recognitions for those who made significant contribution to the organization. New KAERA members were introduced and welcomed as well.

After the introduction of new KAERA executive leadership team, a brief member feedback
session was led by Dr. Mikyung Minsun Kim. About 100 members from the United States and Korea attended the business meeting and subsequent reception and celebrated the continuing growth of the organization.

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